Annual GDPR Checks for Education

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Performing annual GDPR checks for education services is crucial to ensure compliance with data protection regulations and safeguarding of student information. These annual checks are a crucial part of your business but, we understand that your GDPR might not be at the top of your list of things to do. That’s where we can help. We take the reins on your GDPR and Data Protection and as compliance consultants for education services, we really are the people you need to perfect your GDPR policies. We offer a wide range of services from training for your staff to complete audits, all to make sure your GDPR is as accurate as it can be. 

GDPR Consultants for Charities


All schools no matter the age group hold sensitive data. Whether it’s primary school, secondary school, college or even university.

  • For younger schools data such as names and addresses are all important and need to be handled with care.
  •  Secondary schools hold even more data as there are more students. Exam papers as well as results are all personal data and information that would need protecting.

  • The older the age range of student you have the more personal data there is. Colleges will have higher education date.
  • Universities have thousands of students and each student has their own personal data that needs protecting. From Degree results, to personal medical information and even financial data. 


compliance is an ongoing process

Remember that GDPR compliance is an ongoing process, and regular reviews and updates are essential to adapt to changes in regulations, organisational practices, and emerging data protection risks. It is also advisable to seek legal advice or consult with a data protection officer to ensure comprehensive compliance with the GDPR’s requirements.


If you are seeking GDPR consultants for Annual GDPR Checks for Education services, whether it is primary, secondary, college or university, then we can help you. Whether it is to answer a question or make an enquiry, please do get in touch via our online form and we will get back to you asap. Alternatively call 07584 577739 or please email us.

We can help you stay on top of your GDPR for Education with our Annual Checks.



Making sure your policies are correct, up to date and available on-line is also a big part of compliance and something that could be looked at during a compliance inspection. This is something JXG could assist you with and help you plan for throughout the year.

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Data Protection (GDPR) Project Management

This involves an audit, action log, gap analysis, policy reviews, 3rd party due diligence and a library of checklists and procedures. JXG can provide training for your staff or recommend alternatives. This is also available as a toolkit providing you with the materials to complete yourself.

Data Protection (GDPR) Annual Check

The ICO recommends that Data Protection procedures are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure they are still relevant, current and to maintain compliance. This is a fresh pair of eyes reviewing your procedures and checking you’ve included anything new from the past 12 months.


Good data protection practices ensure that an organisation and the individuals within it can be trusted to collect, store and use our personal data fairly, safely and lawfully.