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Data Protection (GDPR) Complete Project Management

how JXG can help with your gdpr

If you haven’t started any GDPR work on your business don’t panic, it isn’t too late! This doesn’t need to take long or indeed cost a lot of money. JXG can offer full project management for Data Protection (GDPR) based on the 12 steps recommended by the ICO.

After an initial chat to get to know your business JXG will carry out the following tasks:-

  • AUDIT: A full data audit of your business – this will involve speaking to individual members of staff who are involved in using your data
  • ACTION LOG: Once the Audit has been completed this will develop into an Action Log and gap analysis with each action being given a risk rating. This shows what needs to be done and how important it is from a risk point of view. This is also a good tool for tracking progress
  • POLICY REVIEW: All your business policies will be reviewed and suggested amendments for any Data Protection references. New policies may also be suggested if required (Privacy Notices, Bring Your Own device, CCTV etc)
  • THIRD PARTIES: Due diligence will be undertaken on your third party suppliers to ensure anyone you are sharing your data with is also GDPR compliant. This may require setting up contracts with suppliers over the use of Personal Data
  • PROCESSES: A library of checklists and procedures for Individual rights will also be written. So that your staff know where to find everything when they need it
  • TRAINING: Training your staff is of paramount importance, JXG can provide this training for your staff or recommend alternative means to get your staff up to speed and re-visit on an annual basis

We can help your business stay on top of its compliance

“When I first looked into ensuring we as a firm were GDPR compliant it was a daunting prospect but once we engaged Julianne of JXG all those concerns were taken away. It was pain free and easy working through the process with JXG leaving me more time to focus on our own business without the worry.”
Matt Allen, Director, Synergee Accountants

Matt Allen, Director, Synergee Accountants


Data Protection (GDPR) Complete Project Management is all about evidence

At the end of the project you will receive a file (electronic and paper) of all of the above which is your evidence of Data Protection compliance along with an executive summary detailing findings and actions/suggestions for your business to take going forward.

This can also be offered in the form of a toolkit where JXG provides you with the all the materials to complete the work yourself. This is the only off the shelf product JXG provides and costs £600, this includes 2 hours of face to face time.

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